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Letter of Recommendation for Law Enforcement officer job for friend Dear Sir/Mad

Letter of Recommendation for Law Enforcement officer job for friend
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this to support my friend’s application for the position of a law enforcement officer in your organization. I have known him for the last 9 years, as he has been my friend since high school. In addition, he is my partner in our school organization program for assisting new students on campus. My friend has been responsible for organizing and executing this noble activity. No incidences of complaints relating to accomplishment of his roles were reported.
My friend is competent, efficient, and detailed. His will to help comes from his urge to excel in whatever he is doing. This resolve will be vital in accomplishing the demands of such an assignment. He underwent internship at a _ University and received good recommendations on his capabilities, especially on pinpointing individuals who require help as well as evaluating their needs, conditions, strengths, and livelihood networks. My friend has a magnificent rapport with persons of all ages due to the fact that he is social and can intermingle with anyone. His ability to communicate well with people makes her easy to connect with every member of the society.
I am confident that my friend will be a tremendous addition to your company due to not only his personality, but also his rich skills. Apart from being a fresh graduate of bachelor’s degree in health services administration with a minor in public administration, he also possesses requisite experience to be a successful law enforcement official.
If you have any clarification, kindly feel free to contact me.


The articles, lecture and textbook for Unit 1 all contain variations of the defi

The articles, lecture and textbook for Unit 1 all contain variations of the definition of forensic accounting. What was your understanding of what forensic accounting was before you read the material in Unit 1? If you had to explain what forensic accounting was to someone with no understanding of it, what would you say? The study of forensic accounting uses three different approaches. One approach uses audit as a foundation with emphasis on internal control and understanding how systems work. A second approach uses fraud investigation as the basis. The third approach is eclectic in nature and covers the many areas under the forensic accounting umbrella to include tax and other fraud, money laundering, dispute resolution, litigation support, computing economic damages, bankruptcy, divorce, identity theft, organized crime, terrorism investigations, cybercrime and business valuations. Which approach would you support and why? If your CPA firm was offering services in forensic accounting would you specialize or be general in nature? If you specialized, what area would you want to specialize in? Explain.


Provide a description of one of the Emergency Management legislations listed bel

Provide a description of one of the Emergency Management legislations listed below. Highlight an event throughout the Nation in which at least one of the legislations was enacted. • Robert T. Stafford Act • Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act • Disaster Recovery Reform Act • Homeland Security Presidential Directives


What are the common themes in the 1998 Uchmanowicz article by Anna Quindlen and

What are the common themes in the 1998 Uchmanowicz article by Anna Quindlen and Anna Quindlen’s2017 commencement address at Washington University ( V=STzKYGTXG24)? In other words what would her 2017 self agree with in her 1998 article? What would she disagree with concerning her 1998 article, based on her views in 2017? In other words, how if at all, had her views changed since 1998, judging from the content of her 2017 speech?


Describe in your own words what is meant by “Behavior-Based Safety as a Replicab

Describe in your own words what is meant by “Behavior-Based Safety as a Replicable Technology” as described in Chapter 2 by Alavosius and Burleigh (2021) in your Applied Behavior Science in Organizations text. (See attachment) In your response, include the following: An explanation of the term “commodity.” A brief description of the BBS consultant model. The commonly shared values in a BBS system. Challenges to this model. Your experience, if any, with a BBS approach. See attached references for sources


Purpose: This is more for your general awareness when asked these questions in t

Purpose: This is more for your general awareness when asked these questions in the future because they will come up. This exercise will help learn and be able to speak from an educated perspective. Questions to Considered and Addressed: • What is Hinduism? • How is Yoga influenced by Hinduism? o Are they related? If so, how? • Is Yoga a religion? • Is Yoga a cult? • What are the misinterpretations between Yoga & Hinduism in the West? • Highlight anything else you find important in your research on this topic. Details: • 2–3 page paper References: • Please include a bibliography of at least 3 references at the end.


Compose a self-assessment memo after you have completed the other materials. In

Compose a self-assessment memo after you have completed the other materials. In this memo, describe your composing processes and challenges for each of these materials. What went well, and what didn’t go so well? What would you do differently? What feedback did you find particularly useful for revising your documents? What revisions do you still need to make to strengthen the documents before sending them to actual employers or programs?
So base these questions on the comments below, or make up some useful stuff
I did two assignments:
Resume Letter and Cover Letter.
I found writing the Resume to be easier than writing a cover letter.
I had a difficulty in writing up my qualification, as I didn’t do any internship or other work experience.
I realize that I need more work or research experience for my resume and cover letter to look and feel stronger.
I got feedback on both, resume had a placement issue but was fine otherwise. Cover letter, language was not very specific to the job ad.
I need to revise both, resume to add more experience, cover letter to refine language and experience as well.
I have added an example from a student.


Please complete the attached Anti-Bias-Self Assessment. Write 1-2 paragraphs des

Please complete the attached Anti-Bias-Self Assessment. Write 1-2 paragraphs describing your results on the assessment, what surprised you, and what your growth areas are. You do not need to submit the actual assessment, just your 1-2 paragraph summary. APA requirements for this assignment are as follows: Title page (no headings need to be included); pages numbered; overall APA formatting with one inch margins, double spacing, and recommended font. No reference page is required.

Public Administration

Write a narrative describing your current organizational structure and your impr

Write a narrative describing your current organizational structure and your impressions for how culture is part of this group. If you do not currently “work” in an organization, consider an organization from your past. This should be at least 500 Words. The paper is due Thursday 09/01/2022 11:59 AM Eastern Standard Time Remember: double spaced Times New Roman, Font 12 1-inch margins no cover page needed….. I would like this paper done on ECOLAB, INC out of Minnesota USA. Please explore and talk about the narrative describing your current organizational structure and your impressions for how culture is part of this group…. I Worked in North County San Diego California (In the Cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Escondido, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Fallbrook, Solana Beach, La Costa, Encinitas, Del Mar, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe etc…) The following is part of my work experience with Ecolab…..Ecolab September 2015 – present Route Sales Manager – Oceanside • Completed a training program that included job shadowing. • E-learning modules, structured field activities, and customized classroom style training. Upon completion of training, I maintained and grew sales within an existing route of foodservice and hospitality accounts. • Combined my mechanical aptitude and technical/problem solving ability in order to install and repair dish machines and dispensing systems. • Demonstrate safe equipment use and ensure that the dish machines were fully operational. • Learned customer’s operations and devised unique solutions as their expert on advanced cleaning and sanitation. • Leveraged my hands-on, mechanical service combined with Ecolab’s consultative sales approach and enhanced our total value to the customer. • Provided emergency service coverage to appreciative customers. ….. The following are part of the job description from the company itself….Join Ecolab’s sales team as a Route Sales Manager in the San Diego, CA market. Within our industry leading Institutional division, this role offers comprehensive chemical products and solutions to meet the needs of customers across the food service and hospitality industries. After completing an initial training program, you will be assigned an existing route of restaurants, hotels, schools, long-term career facilities and more. You will serve as the face of Ecolab, providing recommendations on advanced cleaning and sanitation processes and programs that drive a positive guest experience and create cleaner, safer, and healthier environments. What’s in it For You: Paid training program allowing you to learn from subject matter experts with proven success that includes job shadowing, online learning modules, structured field activities, and customized classroom style training Following the completion of training, you will have the ability to grow your income as you drive sales in your market Plan and manage your schedule in a flexible, independent work environment Receive a decaled company vehicle for business use Carve out a long-term career path in sales, corporate accounts, or leadership What You Will Do: Grow sales within an existing route of food service and hospitality accounts by providing customer training, regular and emergency service Learn customers’ warewashing systems and devise unique solutions as their expert on advanced cleaning and sanitation processes and programs Apply your mechanical aptitude to install, repair and perform maintenance on warewashing, laundry and dispensing equipment and systems; leveraging this service to strengthen the customer relationship Demonstrate safe equipment use, ensuring that your customers’ facilities are fully operational and teams are properly trained Position Details: Candidate must reside within 30 miles of Fort Collins, CO Cities within this route may include: Greeley, Cheyenne, Loveland Weekend Rotation: 1 in 6 Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED Ability to work overnight shifts and be on call at night, on weekends and over holidays as required Must have a valid driver’s license and acceptable Motor Vehicle Record No Immigration Sponsorship available Physical Demands: Ability to complete pre-employment assessments including a physical, lift and carry 75 pounds, color vision test and drug screen Preferred Qualifications: Service industry mechanical experience (e.g. refrigeration, appliance repair, kitchen equipment, HVAC and/or military experience) Direct customer service experience Previous business to business commercial sales or outside sales experience Industry related experience in food service, laundry, housekeeping, hospitality, and/or pool and spa About Ecolab Institutional: Discover how our partnership with customers helps serve 45 billion restaurant meals and clean more than one billion hotel rooms. From restaurants, hotels and long-term care facilities, to schools, commercial buildings and military facilities, Ecolab’s Institutional division provides a comprehensive program of customized cleaning and sanitizing solutions to help meet the specific needs of our customers. Join us and help the biggest and best brands ensure guest safety and satisfaction and protect their reputation. Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion At Ecolab, we believe the best teams are diverse and inclusive, and we are on a journey to create a workplace where every associate can grow and achieve their best. We are committed to fair and equal treatment of associates and applicants. We recruit, hire, promote, transfer and provide opportunities for advancement on the basis of individual qualifications and job performance. In all matters affecting employment, compensation, benefits, working conditions, and opportunities for advancement, we will not discriminate against any associate or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, creed, national origin, citizenship status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions, genetic information, marital status, age, disability, or status as a covered veteran. In addition, we are committed to furthering the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) through Affirmative Action (AA). Our goal is to fully utilize minority, female, disabled and covered veteran individuals at all levels of the workforce. Ecolab is a place where you can grow your career, own your future and impact what matters. We will consider for employment all qualified applicants, including those with criminal histories, in a manner consistent with the requirements of applicable state and local laws, including the City of Los Angeles’ Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring Ordinance and the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance….. The following are required videos for the class………

Teacher's Career

Task – Writing an opening statement Using no more than one page of A4, note: Wha

Task – Writing an opening statement Using no more than one page of A4, note: What you are excited about This is the question i need to answer. It needs to be one a4 page long with 4 bibliographic references. (I have attached ,reasons why I want to be a primary school teacher to give a idea of the general charichter of writhing peice. below to give some ideas/inspiration.) I have attached some academic resources, but i their may be more apppropriate quotes to use. The language should be english not american english. What you feel are your strengths What you think you need to learn more about What kind of primary teacher you would like to be. You’ll be able to keep this statement, and include it in a professional portfolio which we’ll introduce during induction. (personal notes….. Being a primary school teacher encompasses a duty to bettering childrens lives and foundations for their future. A responsibility I can deliver within the strong curriculum framework, nurturing childrens growth with patience, creativity and detail orientated assessment which has supported my own journey through education and the workplace. My current position as project manager in the construction industry, calls upon a multi-faceted skill base, leading teams of industry professionals, tradespeople and liasing with clients has allowed me to possess exceptional communication and time management skills. Throughout this role I have endeavoured to further my skill set and knowledge base. Inevitably each week learning something new and resolving unforeseen problems which arise on site. The building sector, a complete polarity to the education system, yet this role has helped me to continue learning, growing a vast set of transferable skills making me a accountable, professional team leader. Throughout life you continue to learn and grow as a human being, I believe primary school is a key point of change in a childs life experiencing the first opportunity to socialise away from the family home. These are crucial years for children yielding the fundamental building blocks to progress life, creating memories which can last forevor. I would love the opportunity to equip young children with the confidence they can gain through learning. Creating happy memories to last a life time. As a small child i was particularly shy lacking confidence, through extra curricular activities, drama lessons, I gained LAMDA qualifications. This enabled me to develop confidence, enhancing my spoken english, improving not only pronunciation but developed my comprehension skills as I read many poems and prose developing my literacy in a fun way. From a early age I gained consistent high marks in language and literacy from GCSE to my post graduate degree in International relations and global communications. Being well traveled and experiencing different cultures has been enlightening allowing me to gain basic Greek language which I continue to learn in my free time, constantly striving to achieve . I find enjoyment in many pursuits I have a NVQ in master baking , enjoy exercising and maintaining my fitness. Participating in fun runs and 10k events, exercising throughout lockdown I taught myself the art of yoga nurturing my skills of patience and strength in mindfulness. My young neigbour (7 years) loves to join me in yoga practises designed for children. Time spent with younger children embracing their energy and enthusiasm to learn whilst enjoying activity ushered in the curiosity, as to why I am not a teacher ? As I hypothesised on my new career path I realised teaching could bring me a new role I am well suited to and a new sense of fulfilment through positively influencing children, offering a supportive way to help pupils learn and excel.)